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Create a Calendar Event

(Essentials/Premium Plans Only)

The video is a tutorial on adding events to the calendar using the Events Calendar plugin in WordPress. It covers adding a category for the events, adding event details such as date and time, and color coding the events for easy viewing. The tutorial also shows how to view the events on the calendar and allows members to select specific categories to view.

Adding a Payment Form

(Essentials/Premium Plans Only)

The video script is about finding an existing form on a website and modifying it for a new purpose, using WordPress. It shows how to duplicate a form, edit the fields, and save the changes. The focus is on creating a new form for a yoga class, removing unnecessary fields and adding new ones for class attendance and payment.

Adding Payment Options to Forms

(Essentials/Premium Plans Only)

In this video, the speaker provides a step-by-step guide on how to update a form for collecting payments for a yoga class. They cover editing the form, setting up an feed, testing the form, and updating confirmations and notifications. The video ends with a preview of the next lesson on dropping the form onto the events page.

Adding Forms to Pages

In this lesson, the video covers how to combine the form and event calendar item that were previously reviewed. It explains how to set up a yoga event on the calendar and how to insert the sign-up form for the event. The video also demonstrates how to view the event as members would see it on the calendar.


This video provides an overview of the communication systems within Member Splash. It explains the use of MailChimp for pool admins to communicate with members and the behind-the-scenes process of SendGrid for automated communications. The script also gives a demonstration of MailChimp setup and explains how forms and finance bills use SendGrid for notifications.

Mailchimp Email Settings

This video is a tutorial on how to set up MailChimp settings within the Member Splash system. It covers syncing data, sending quick messages, and creating email campaigns. The tutorial also includes instructions on testing and sending the email to the entire list.

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