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Admin Email Notifications & Member Receipts for
Admin Email Notifications & Member Receipts for
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You can configure your account to get emails from when any of a number of things happen: a new charge is made; a batch is processed; etc.

You find those settings by logging into (, then navigating to Account -> User Profile and clicking on Edit Profile Information.

Once you click on Edit Profile Information you will see a list of all the available email notifications you can receive. Simply check / uncheck your selections and then update your settings.

Note: To update your settings you will need to enter the answer to your Secret Question. This was provided to you by us when your account was first set up.

By default your account is configured to send email receipts to your members when a charge is processed. You can disable this or customize those emails from your account settings.

First log into your account at

Next click on Account -> Settings:

Next click on Email Receipt:

On the Email Receipt screen you can disable the email notifications or add custom headers and footers β€” information that will be prepended and appended to the standard transaction receipt respectively.

​Note: Member Splash pre-fills the email address of the billing contact when payment is made if there is one saved to the account. The member has the option to enter a different email address or delete the field. Obviously no receipt is emailed if no email address is provided.

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