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Refund Payment
Refund Payment
Updated over a week ago

There are times when you will need to refund a credit or debit card payment, either in full or partially. You can do this via your club's account. Please note that the fees charged for a transaction are not refunded, only the purchase amount. There is also a 180-day window during which refunds may be made.

To issue a refund, begin by logging into your account.

Click on transaction search. If you know the exact date you can put that in. If you need to search you can fill in the from and to dates by clicking and then choosing the dates from the dropdowns.

When you identify your transaction, click on the number highlighted below:

You can fill out the description for the refund and click ok:

The transaction confirmation screen will come up. Click close and you have refunded the transaction.

To delete the corresponding transaction in Member Splash go to the Orders screen, select the order in question, and choose delete.

NOTE: Due to the almost limitless possible combinations of post payment actions and activity that may have occurred since the transaction it is not possible for Member Splash to automatically revert changes the payment may have triggered. For example, if a dues payment automatically changes an account type from Offered Membership to Full Member, the account type will remain Full Member after deleting the order. We suggest downloading a PDF of the order before deleting so that you can determine if there are any changes that need to be made to the account.

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