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How to Reset Payments for a New Season
How to Reset Payments for a New Season
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New Season Checklist

How to Reset Payments for a New Season

1. In this example we will be updating all of our members to UNPAID so that we can start collecting payment for next season.

2. Go to your Members Splash Dashboard Screen. You will see a new Membership drop down.
3. Click Membership>>Accounts

4. The following screen will appear.

- You can use the drop-downs to the left to filter using the old method.

- You can move the columns to see the data you need edit more clearly (in this example the 'Payment Status').

5. The Manager Filters button offers the ability to select a specific account types if you so choose. For a full overview of that functionality please see Membership Account Screens - Reports & Downloads. In this example we are selecting all of our members so no filter is needed.

6. Under Bulk Actions, select 'Change Payment Status'.

7. Select the account you want to change to UNPAID (in this case all of the accounts) Selecting this will activate the 'Start Action' button.

8. You can select to change only a few accounts by checking each box, you can select just the items on the first page (by clicking the box at the top circled in red) or selecting ALL of the records (in the center)

9. The START ACTION button will appear. Click START ACTION.

10. You will be given a notification of the number of accounts you are selecting & the Select Payment Status you want.

11. Select the payment status.

12. Because the system must update MailChimp with the payment status, the update may take a few minutes.

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