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HOAs: Bulk Payment Updates For Added Family Members Changing all Members to Paid on a Paid Account
HOAs: Bulk Payment Updates For Added Family Members Changing all Members to Paid on a Paid Account
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Scenario for HOAs

HOAs generally don't take annual membership payments in our system. Therefore we import their current residents as Paid during Onboarding. If the HOA does not have data on family members at the time of import, then we only import the primary member on the account and then they will need to add additional family members when they log in for the first time. When residents add their family members to their Paid account, those new members ARE NOT SHOWN AS PAID and therefore must be changed to Paid using the Bulk Update tool.
Our recommendation is to do this several times over the course of the season as your residents may log in and add members throughout the season and so doing this Bulk Update regularly will ensure all members within a Paid account are presenting as Paid at the front desk.

Instructions for making bulk payment status changes to individual added members on Paid accounts

1. In this example we will be updating all of our PAID accounts to PAID using the Bulk Update Tool. By filtering all of your Paid accounts and applying this update, it will take any member within the account that is Unpaid and mark them as Paid.

2. Go to your Members Splash Dashboard Screen. You will see a new Membership drop down.
3. Click Membership>>Accounts

4. The following screen will appear.

- Select Manage Filter Blue Button

5. The Manager Filters button offers the ability to select a specific account type if you so choose. In your case you can select all the appropriate account types AND the payment status of PAID.

6. Once you apply the filter you will see all of your PAID accounts. Select all of them making sure you are selecting ALL records and not just the 25 that present on the first page.

7. Under Bulk Actions, select 'Change Payment Status' . Selecting this will activate the "Start Action' button.



9. You will be given a notification of the number of accounts you are selecting & the Select Payment Status you want.

10. Select the payment status PAID and hit update. (Remember by changing a Paid account to Paid, will make all the members on the account show as Paid-not just the primary member that was imported as Paid)

11. Because the system must update MailChimp with the payment status, the update may take a few minutes. Even if you are not using MailChimp, don't navigate away until it is complete

12. After you complete this Bulk Update, log into a few accounts and you will see that all added members have now been changed to the Paid status. Again, you may want to do this frequently through the season as your residents login to Member Splash for the first time to add their family members.

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