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HOAs: Hide Payment Status
HOAs: Hide Payment Status
Updated over a week ago

Via Member Splash Settings > Payment Settings, Admins have the ability to toggle the setting to hide payment status from the account and individual members. Additionally Admins can select the Account Types for this setting.


Admins have the option to control the information that members see regarding their "Payment Status" within Member Splash. As a reminder, HOAs mark an account and/or member as PAID when their HOA dues/fees are current and UNPAID when fees are delinquint or there is a violation.

Setting toggled to YES

Setting toggled to NO

This setting can be helpful when Admins do not want residents to see their payment status. It can also be helpful for Admins in the pre-season, who are setting up accounts and verifying residents, and then turned on once all accounts have been verified for the most up to date Payment Status. These settings can be changed by Admins at any time.

Admins and Managers will still see the Payment Status within the Administrative access in Member Splash. Additionally, Front Desk Staff will still see the payment status during Check In.

Via Member Splash Settings > Front Desk Settings, if the setting to exclude UNPAID accounts at the Check In screen is active, these accounts will not show up during the Check In process.

If you choose to show UNPAID accounts during Check In, you can add a Check In Note directing the primary contact to call the Management office for more information.

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