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HOAs: New Season Checklist
HOAs: New Season Checklist
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Work through this checklist at the start of each season to make sure your HOA is ready to start the new season!

For first year Member Splash Clubs, please take a moment to refer to your Credential Sheet for any steps noted in your Onboarding Setup that should be done prior to the beginning of the new season.


  • Ensure ACCOUNT SETTINGS, DIRECTORY SETTINGS and FORMS accurately reflect the HOA's policies and procedures. In most cases, these settings will not change from year to year.

  • Ensure FRONT DESK SETTINGS include all account types that will be allowed to check-in and make reservations at the pool on Opening Day.

  • Ensure your guest fees are correctly configured in the Front Desk > Checkin settings also.

  • Ensure that all tabs under PAYMENT SETTINGS accurately reflect the HOA's policies and procedures. In most cases, these settings will not change from year to year.

2. Mark specific Accounts as UNPAID: Review your Delinquincy Report and mark any delinquint accounts or accounts with violations to UNPAID.

3. Update your Annual Waiver for a new year: Follow the instructions here.

4. Check your Account Tags. If you are tagging accounts once a waiver is completed, you may need to create a new account tag for the new year. Navigate to Membership > Accounts > settings wheel > Account Tags

5. Check your Product Prices. Ensure that your Products reflect your current pricing for the new year.

To edit a price go to:

Products > Hover over the product you want to edit > Edit.

Change the amounts listed in the FLAT RATE PRICING or PER MEMBER PRICING boxes.

Be sure to CLICK UPDATE to save your changes.

6. Review MEMBER SPLASH menu bar and all of the settings. Ensure that prices for guest pass purchase at the front desk are accurate. When you click on the CHECK IN tab, you will see a Settings icon appear in the upper left-hand corner. Click on the Settings button and update the prices / settings as appropriate.

7. Add or Update your FAQs page. Admins are responsible for updating the information included in the FAQ page. This is a great time to update verbiage if your settings have changed or updating photos that aid your residents.

7. Finally it's time to email your members and let them know it's to update their photos and complete the new Waiver, if applicable.

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