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Remote Check-in for Admins
Updated over a week ago

To allow your team to keep an eye on those who are self checking in through the app, we've added a log to the Front Desk > Checkin screen which allows the staff to visually confirm those who have checked in. This feature's list of members names and information will reset on a daily basis. Please remember, whether your team manually checks in or allows members to self check in through the app, Member Splash will always list their visit within the Front Desk > Visits screen.

Enabling Self Check-in and Grace Period

  1. Log in as an Admin to your clubs Member Splash account.

  2. Go to Front Desk > Checkin and click Settings from the top left of the screen.

  3. Enable Self Check-in: Check the box to enable this feature for your club. Enabling this feature will allow your club to be visible to the club search within the Member Splash app and allow your members check themselves into the club. This will also add the "Today's Self Check-in" log to the Checkin page.

  4. Self Check-in Grace Period: Choose a timeframe in which your members have to arrive at your club. If the grace period expires, they will have to self check-in again.

Viewing the Self Check-in Members

  1. Log in as an Admin to your clubs Member Splash account.

  2. Go to Front Desk > Checkin

  3. You will notice in the right side of your screen the Today's Self Check-in log which includes the list of Member photos, names, type, day and time they checked in. Remember, this list will reset at the end of the day but you can see all visits within the Front Desk > Visits screen.

  4. In addition, if the Front Desk screen is open when a member performs a self check-in, you will see and hear a notification in the top right corner of the screen which will quickly disappear.

Please note: Self check in does not allow for guest entry or guest pass purchase.

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