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Remote Checkin for Members
Updated over a week ago

For club members, remote check-in is an easy process.

  1. Open the Member Splash app from your home screen. If you do not see the app on your mobile device, you may need to install the Member Splash app, first. Go here to do so.

  2. Once you are logged in, tap Self Check-in. If you do not see the Self Check-in button or if your club does not allow members to Self Check-in, you will not be able to continue at this time.

  3. You will see a list of members associated with your Member Splash account. Tap a checkbox to the right of each Member (or select all), then tap Complete Check-in. Depending on the club's policy, members that are not paid up may not be able to check in. Take note of your club's arrival time grace period under the button.


  4. Once, you tap the Complete Check-in button, you will be notified on the screen of how long you have before your club's arrival time grace period expires. If you do not make it to the club's gate before the grace period ends, you may be able to self check-in again. Multiple self -check-ins are permitted.

  5. Once you are at the club gate, tap I'm Here and you're done! If you have any specific questions about accessing the property, please reach out to the club administration.

Please note: Self check in does not allow for guest entry or guest pass purchase.

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