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WordPress Activity Log Plugin

Learn how to view, filter and export activity on your website.

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It is important to keep track of activity happening on your website. This can help you identify any potential issues, track user behavior, and improve the overall performance of your site. The WordPress Activity Log that acts like an airplane's black box, logging every action and allowing you to see exactly what users are doing on your website.

What is the Activity Log?

Activity Log is a WordPress plugin that keeps a record of all the activity happening on your website. This includes actions such as product updates, user logins, plugin installations, and more. It is like a detailed history of everything that has happened on your site, making it a valuable tool for website admins.

Access the Activity Log

To access the Activity Log, simply log into your website's admin dashboard and click on the "WP Activity Log" tab in the WordPress menu. This will bring up the Activity Log page, where you can view all the recorded activity on your website.

Filtering the Activity Log

If you have a lot of activity on your website, you can use the filtering options to narrow down the results. Click the Filter View button and you can filter by date, username, object, and event, making it easier to find the specific information you are looking for.

Exporting the Activity Log

You also have the option to export the Activity Log as a CSV file. This can be useful for keeping a record of the activity on your website or for sharing it with others.

Need More Information?

The Activity Log is a valuable tool for monitoring and tracking your website activity. Please visit the official Activity Log plugin documentation for more info.

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