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Displaying your instagram feed on your website can be a great way to build followers and engage with those who follow you. It is recommended that you start by logging into the Instagram account that you are wanting to connect, then proceed with the instructions below. You'll find this plugin on the Admin screen, along the left-side menu.

Instructions for the Initial Setup

Step 1: Connect your Instagram account

  • Log into your website’s Wordpress Administration panel as a Board Admin, then go to Instagram Feed in the Wordpress menu, located down the left side of the screen.

    • Choose Instagram Feed/Settings

      • Under General/Manage Sources choose Add Source

  • Add a new Source

    • Choose Personal

  • Connect your Instagram Account

    • Connect with Instagram

  • It may ask you to login to your Instagram account unless you are already are logged in.

    • Click Allow

  • At the Security Confirmation pop up, confirm your domain and choose Yes, it is my domain

  • Your Instagram account should be added as a source at this time.

Step 2: Add an Instagram feed to your website

  • From the Feeds page, Select Add New

  • Select Feed Type

  • Select your Source (created earlier)

  • When it asks We’re almost there… choose NO thanks

  • Copy and paste the default embed code [Instagram-feed feed=1] into the page you want the Instagram feed to appear on.

  • Make any style adjustments from the Feeds by choosing the edit action (pen icon) next to the source and changing the settings in the left side panel.


Note: Before using this plugin, please review and ensure you understand the Known Issues, Optimal Settings and our Scope of Support.

Known Issues

Instagram Feed Update Delay

Please note that there is a known issue that has been reported regarding a delay in the Instagram feed updating. The issue has been reported by users from outside of the Membersplash network.

Note: We have observed some cases taking up to a 48-hour delay in the Instagram Feed updating on your website.

We have tested and ruled out any server-side issues at Membersplash, including caching layers.

While we cannot realistically step in as the dev team for other third-party plugin vendors, our dedicated Membersplash Dev team has taken extensive measures to try to address and mitigate the impact of this issue. Although we may not have complete control over it due to its external nature, we have diligently identified the most optimal settings to minimize its effects as much as possible. For the best results, please ensure you are using the optimal settings.

Optimal Settings

If you observe a delay in your Instagram Feed updating, please check to ensure you have the most optimal settings in place.

In this section:

How to Clear the Instagram Feed Plugin Cache

  • Instagram Feed > Settings > Feeds > ‘Caching

  • Click on ‘Clear All Caches

  • Clear the MS Varnish Cache through the Breeze Plugin by clicking on ‘Breeze’ > Hover over ‘Purge modules’ > Click on ‘Purge Varnish Cache

How to Adjust the Instagram Feed Plugin Cache Settings

  • Instagram Feed > Settings > Feeds > ‘Caching

  • Please take note of the caching settings. This plugin utilizes it’s own Cloud Caching methods. By default, the cache time is set to 12 hours.

  • You can modify these settings or ‘Clear All Caches’ immediately. Please be sure to click on the ‘Save Changes’ button after taking any actions in this section.

Enable the Load Initial Posts with AJAX Option

  • Instagram Feed > Settings > Advanced

  • Scroll down and ensure this setting ‘Load Initial Posts with AJAX’ is toggled to the On position

  • Click ‘Save Changes at the top or bottom of the screen.

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