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Auto Waitlist Explained - User Registration Feed Mapping
Auto Waitlist Explained - User Registration Feed Mapping
Updated over a week ago

The waitlist form is a special form which is connected to Member Splash in order to create new accounts. Your waitlist form is set up by your on-boarding technician based on your needs at setup. We highly discourage clients from altering a waitlist unless they have advanced Gravity Forms & Feed knowledge . The correct mapping of fields is critical to the creation of accounts and any incorrect alteration will keep accounts from being created.

To start, choose forms:

Choose the Waitlist form or the form that you are using for that purpose (sometimes called the New Applicant Form):

The User Feed sets up the connection to Member Splash:

Click on the feed you are using

This is how the feed should be set up and all of the information must be mapped correctly or the account will not be created.

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