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Forms Overview
Forms Overview
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Member Splash Products v Gravity Forms

  • Member Splash Products are for all plan levels, it is part of the core functionality.

  • Gravity Forms are only available to Essentials and Premium plan levels.

  • Member Splash Products can be used independent of additional work, while forms are typically used in conjunction with a ‘page’ that you need to set up.

  • Typical Gravity forms are Waitlist or Board Elections - (contain feeds for adding members & billing)

The Details - The pluses and minuses

  • Member Splash Products

    • Member Splash Products are simpler & easier to set up,

    • They appear on the members account ready to purchase or be required.

    • They appear on the members account history.

    • They appear on Member Splash reporting for accounting.

    • These can be built, tested and put on a members invoice in about 20 minutes.

  • Gravity Forms

    • Much more powerful BUT much more complex to set up and manage. A good estimate is to give yourself 3 hours to start a form and more to finish it.

    • They do not appear on the members accounts.

    • The member has to ‘find the form' in order to make a purchase.

    • They typically need to be placed on a page (more work for the pool admin).

    • They do not appear on Member Splash reporting for accounting.

    • Forms are typically used when the charge is outside the standard Pool/Club functions (i.e. a simple survey, a complex summer camps form or in our example a ‘dock key’)

    • They are also used when there is additional information that you need to collect associated with the charge. (in our example we need to collect license plate info of the car what will be parked at the dock. )

Forms Implementation Procedure:

New and current Essentials and Premium clients are able to quickly and easily download our premade forms from our Forms Template Library located on our website: Many of these forms are set-up to interact with Member Splash.

For more Gravity Forms knowledge and documentation see the Gravity Forms Help Pages at

Clients of all plan levels will receive their sites with a Membership Application form imported by our Onboarding team. Because Member Splash uses Gravity forms for our Member Application and Waitlists, we extent the software's use to our Essentials and Premium clients at no additional cost.

Note: Payments made using forms will not show up in the Member Splash accounts. Gravity Forms is a separate product so it will send payment to, and you will find that payment in their transactions report.

Steps for downloading Forms from our new MS Form Templates library:

1. Navigate to the WordPress menu on the left side of your dashboard.

2. Hover over Forms to reveal and click on MS Form Templates.

3. Review each form via the Details button, which will give you instructions on how to customize it once you have installed the form.

4. Choose to Install Form. Then navigate back to Forms on the WordPress menu to customize the recently downloaded form template.

Building You Own Gravity Forms:

Member Splash websites include Gravity Forms (, the premier drag-and-drop form builder for WordPress. With it you can easily design online forms to handle everything from registering for swim lessons to making facilities reservations. Some of the key features of the form tool:

  • Ability to restrict forms to members.

  • Collect payments online; (Note: Payments made using forms will not show up in the Member Splash accounts. Gravity Forms is a separate product so it will send payment to the payment processor of choice, in our case, and you will find that payment in their transactions report. A feed must be set up for each form implemented, see Integration)

  • Send notifications with entry details to multiple club admins.

  • Export entries to CSV - or view them right from your forms taps.

Member Splash extends the form tool to provide tight integration with your member data. Our custom fields allow form entries to be linked to member accounts; let members select from a pre-filled account data when filling out forms; and much more. The various Member Splash enhancements are documented in this User Guide.

There is extensive documentation on Gravity Forms on their site: Gravity Forms has a suite of add-ons that provide extended capabilities. These are all included in Member Splash. We also include a third-party suite of form tools from Gravity Perks ( You can find a number of helpful tutorials on using Gravity Forms on their blog:

Due to the popularity of Gravity Forms there are a huge number of tutorials and training videos freely available online. Simply Google searching “how to use gravity forms” or similar will turn up lots of step-by-step guides.
They also have a "community" of users that can help with general and advanced questions at Gravity Forms Community -
Lastly they also have extensive training -

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