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Exporting Member Data From RecDesk
Exporting Member Data From RecDesk
Updated over a week ago

Here are the steps to export your member data from RecDesk for import to Member Splash.

1. Log into your RecDesk account;

2. Navigate to the Members Tab at the top of the screen:

3. You'll see some search fields but no member records. Hit Apply Search (leaving the search fields empty) to simply fetch all member records.

4. Now that all your records are showing click on Actions and select Export to Excel.

5. This will bring up a window where you can select which fields to export. You can just leave them all selected, scroll down to the bottom and click on Generate Extract.

This will give you an Excel file with a row for each member of your club. Individual family members are listed on their own rows with information like street address repeated on each row. That's fine, Member Splash's import will adjust for that.

The export will include any custom fields your club has defined. If there are custom fields you want imported be sure to indicate that on your New Client Checklist and specify exactly what the fields are for and how you hope to use them in Member Splash. There are several way we can import them depending on your use case. For example: If you club differentiates between residents and non-residents (some clubs allow people from outside their community to join) then a column indicating residency status might make more sense as an account type or account tag than an account field. Our onboard team can determine the best option based on your use case.

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