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How to Export User Data for Member Splash Welcome Emails
How to Export User Data for Member Splash Welcome Emails
Updated over a week ago

When first introducing Member Splash to your community, it is helpful to provide them with their login credentials if you have provided the Onboarding Team with resident data and/or address information to import.

To export the data from Member Splash to create a mail merge, please follow these steps.

1. Login as an Administrator or Board member

2. Navigate to Membership > Accounts

3. Select Manage Filters

4. Select the preferred Account Types

5. Select the preferred Payment Status
6. Choose Standard Fields to Display in the Results. Select: First Name, Last Name, Email, User Name and any other data you want to include in the initial email.

8. Back on the Accounts screen, click on the first checkbox next to Actions then the hyperlink that appears for Select All ### Records.

9. Select Export and select the preferred file type.

This information file can then be used to create a mail merge using any software currently in place for your community.

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