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How to setup Mailchimp with MemberSplash
How to setup Mailchimp with MemberSplash
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Member Splash integrates with Mailchimp, an industry leading email list delivery platform, to provide a fast, convenient way to send bulk communications to your members. Mailchimp provides a generous free service tier (used by the majority of our clubs) as well as paid plans for clubs with larger lists or additional needs.

Step 1: Create Free/Paid Mailchimp account or use an existing account

Step 2: Create a Mailchimp API key

  • Go to Account > Extras > API Keys (located by clicking the icon in the lower left hand part of your screen)

  • Click the "Create a Key" button and Mailchimp will generate an API key which you will be adding to your Member Splash website settings

  • If you have trouble, this video may help.

Step 3: Sync MemberSplash to Mailchimp

  • Login to your MemberSplash website

  • Go to Communications > Mailchimp > Main Settings

  • Copy the API key (from Mailchimp) and paste into the (MemberSplash) Mailchimp API Key field

  • Select the default List and hit 'Submit'

  • Go to the Sync Settings tab

  • Toggle on desired merge tags. When in doubt, toggle them all on!

  • Click the 'Sync Now' button

Wait until completed: Your system is now syncing all member data from Member Splash over to Mailchimp. You are almost ready to send your first email!

Once done, you're set to send Mailchimp email campaigns through MemberSplash!

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