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How to use Merge Tags to Personalize Emails
How to use Merge Tags to Personalize Emails
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When creating an email it is possible to insert merge tags that will personalize each email with certain information pulled from member accounts.

Simply type your merge tags into the body of an email using the format specified. Type the merge tags using the following format: *|tag|*

Fields that are available to merge are:


Merge Tag

First Name


Last Name




User Role


Payment Status


Active Status


Account Type


Account ID


Legacy Account ID


Member ID


Billing Contact


Account Login


Member Type


Acct Tag: Board Member


Do not: Do not use special symbols (such as #,$,%, etc.) when naming your tags, Mailchimp cannot process special tags. In addition merge tag only us the first 10 letters to establish the tag being sent to Mailchimp

As such the tags of "2023 Swim Team" and "2023 Swim Team Coaches" look like duplicates to the system interface and will not pass them (see below). To correct, change the name so that the 1st 10 letter are unique.

Previewing Emails & Merge Tags

The official Mailchimp guide to previewing messages and testing merge tags can be found on Preview and Test Your Email.

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