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The Member Dashboard - Uploading Photos to Member Accounts
The Member Dashboard - Uploading Photos to Member Accounts
Updated over a week ago

Some clubs offer members the option to upload their own photo files to their own profiles, instead of having a photo taken with a webcam at the front desk of the pool.

Photos are uploaded on each members profile by clicking the 3 dots to the right of the member.

When uploading a photo, please keep in mind that the best ID photos are close-up head shots of a single person (rather than a family photo, for example).

Step 1: Access the Manage Account screen

Click the 3 dots to open up a menu, then click "add photo"

The following pop up will appear. (if there is an existing photo you can remove it by clicking the trash can)

Click the 'Pencil' to edit or add a new photo. This pop up will appear

Click the 'Arrow' to select and upload your picture.

Once your picture is in place you can Zoom in or out or rotate the photo.

Click submit to save your photo (or trash it and start over)

The system will ask you to reconfirm the photo by asking you to "submit" again

You Photo will appear on your account.


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