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Taking Member Photos at the Front Desk
Taking Member Photos at the Front Desk
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While members do have the option of uploading their own photo files when they login to their accounts, it’s possible that the photo will include people other than the member (such as a family photo) or will be taken too far away to be effective for use as an ID photo. For these reasons, we recommend following the instructions below for snapping a head shot as part of the check in process at the beginning of the season or for new members who join after the season is underway.

Although many laptops are equipped with a built-in camera, clipping an external webcam on to the top of the laptop will let front desk staff take photos without having to turn the computer around to face the member. Any USB webcam will be compatible with the Member Splash platform.

1. Login to the Member Splash Dashboard

2. Go to Front Desk >> Photo

3. Click on the Photos Tab

Select a camera from the drop down menu under Camera 1. The image of the member standing in front of you should now be in the camera frame on the right side of the page.

Then search the member that you are photographing.

(in this case grandma Jetson)

Click on the blue “Shoot” box underneath the photo. If the image is acceptable, click “Save”. If not, click “Reset” to try again.

To view the new photo on the member's profile on the Checkin screen refresh the screen. Their new photo will now display to the left of the member's name.

Trouble Shooting the Camera in Chrome

Some clients find that the camera settings do not automatically pop up when they go to take a photo. This is almost always the result of Chrome security settings blocking access to the camera. To resolve it right click on the padlock icon in the address bar and choose Site settings.

Then allow access to the webcam:

NOTE Older versions of Chrome have this page

Other POP UP fixes

Go to your Site Settings scroll down to

Pop-Ups and Redirects

Go to your site Member Splash Site ( and select allow under the camera permissions.

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