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Recommended Front Desk Equipment
Recommended Front Desk Equipment
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Member Splash web-based platform is designed to use with easily-accessible equipment at your pool’s front desk. Although the system is compatible with just about any type of computer with an internet connection, the following list represents recommended equipment if you are purchasing new items and need a place to start.


The only function of the computer at the front desk is to access the internet in order to run front-desk check in. Therefore any machine capable of going online will work. We recommend the Chrome Book with a minimum of 4GB of Memory, here are a few options. Some versions of this can be found for under $250 at BestBuy. (note: recommendation last updated January 27, 2023).

USB Camera

Having a webcam at the front desk simplifies the process of taking member photos at the front desk. If the computer at your front desk does not have a built-in webcam, or faces the user (as most laptop webcams do), we recommend purchasing something like this webcam, priced at about $20: HD Webcam 720P with Microphone Note: It requires a USB port to plug into.

Barcode Scanner

If your pool has elected to use barcode cards at the front desk in addition to manual check-in, we recommend this USB Automatic Barcode Scanner. It also plugs into the computer’s USB drive and will automatically load the member’s info on the screen when the card is scanned.

Barcode Cards

The cards are formatted to print on standard business card size cards. We recommend this Avery perforated business cardstock.

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