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How to "Switch to" a Member Account
How to "Switch to" a Member Account
Updated over a week ago

Go to the Dashboard

Select Membership >> Account

The third column on the left contains the word 'switch'. Click Switch and you will be presented with the members view of their account.

As the admin you can see the account screens and payment screens as the member experiences these.

NOTE: edits such as waivers and required fields are not 'forced' in the switch mode (otherwise you as the admin would have to fill out these items to proceed in looking at that account). If you need to test edits or the waiver you must be logged in as the member with their user ID and password.


Recently, we introduced a change that enabled admins to view all the required fields of your members when using the "switch to" feature. While this provided transparency, it created an issue where admins couldn't access a member's invoice to ensure accurate billing. To address this concern, we have now implemented a feature that allows you to toggle the visibility of required fields when using the "switch to" option. You can find this setting in Member Splash Settings/Forms
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