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How to create a waiver form
How to create a waiver form
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The video provides a detailed guide on how to customize and set up a waiver form. It covers adding hidden items, modifying the form fields, updating consent items, and setting up the form as a waiver. It also explains how to determine who is required to sign the waiver and how to make the waiver form mandatory before payment.

Step 1: Download and Install the Form Template

  • Import the form

    • In your website, go to Forms > Import/Export > Import Forms

    • Choose the file, then Import.

    • The new form will now be listed within your list of forms to use.

Step 2: Customizing the Waiver Form

  • Hidden Information: Note that account and member numbers are automatically hidden for privacy.

  • Add/Delete Fields: Customize the form to fit your club's specific needs by adding or deleting fields. This could include information specific to the event or membership requirement.

Step 3: Modifying Form Settings for Waivers

  • Enable Checkbox: Convert a regular form into a waiver form by enabling a specific checkbox in the form settings. This indicates that the form now serves as a waiver.

  • Specify Waiver Requirements: Choose to require members to sign the waiver based on member type or age, ensuring that all relevant parties agree to the terms.

  • Waiver Description: Add a detailed description of the waiver, including any specific conditions or requirements.

Step 4: Review and Update Form Compliance

  • Board Requirements: Ensure the updated form complies with your club's board or governance requirements.

  • Member Types Affected: Understand that the waiver condition applies not just to adult members but also to children, grandparents, and house guests.

  • Payment Protocol: Clubs usually require members to sign the waiver before processing any payments. This is crucial for liability and record-keeping purposes.

Step 5: Review Resources and Publish

  • Resource Review: Before finalizing the waiver form, review all available resources, such as solution pages provided by MSU Advanced Forms, for detailed guidance and best practices.

  • Publish Form: Once you have customized the form to your satisfaction and ensured compliance with all requirements, publish the form. Make it accessible to members so they can review and sign the waiver as needed.

Additional Notes

  • It's important to regularly review and update waiver forms to ensure they remain compliant with any new regulations or club policies.

  • Consider consulting with legal counsel to verify that your waiver form meets all legal requirements and effectively limits liability.

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