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MS Form Templates library
MS Form Templates library
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If you’ve used Gravity Forms, the forms tool included with Member Splash (Essentials and Premium plans only), then you already know that it provides a number of form templates you can choose as a starting point when creating a new form. While those are helpful, Member Splash has started to build a library of form templates that are specific to club needs. We’ve integrated that library so you can browse the templates, read detailed descriptions and instructions for usage, and install them with a single click right from Member Splash!

Steps for downloading Forms from our new MS Form Templates library:

1. Navigate to the WordPress menu on the left side of your dashboard.

2. Hover over Forms to reveal and click on MS Form Templates.

3. Review each form via the Details button, which will give you instructions on how to customize it once you have installed the form.

4. Choose to Install Form. Then navigate back to Forms on the WordPress menu to customize the recently downloaded form template.

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