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Add an ECRYPT Feed to Your Forms To Accept Credit/Debit Payments
Add an ECRYPT Feed to Your Forms To Accept Credit/Debit Payments
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In order to accept debit and credit card payments via forms you need to first link the forms tool to your ECRYPT account (a one-time step) and then configure any form which accepts online payments.

Configure a Form for Payments:

Each form you add to your site can be configured to accept payments. Clubs often use them for things like lesson and camp registration, RSVP forms for social events, and for party rentals. Any form can be figured to take payments by first adding credit card fields to the form for entering payment information and then going to the form settings Forms > Settings > ECRYPT Payments.

Step 1. Adding Credit Card Fields to your Form

Open the form in the form editor and click on the Pricing Fields group on the right hand side. From there click on Credit Card to add it to the form or hold the right mouse button down and drag the field to the specific spot in the form where you want it. Click on the field to open its settings and at the bottom under Rules check Required.

Step 2. Creating an ECRYPT Feed

The next step is to set up an ECRYPT “feed” for the form. The forms tool we use, Gravity Forms, has lots of tools for doing additional things when an entry is submitted. They call those additional actions feeds — as in you are feeding the form data to something else. In this case we’re feeding it to ECRYPT for processing.

Once you click on the ECRYPT Payments link you’ll be prompted to create a new feed.

General Feed Settings:
Name: You can give your new feed a unique title although you can use the default feed name as well.
Transaction Type: Select One Time Payment

Payment Settings:
Payment Method: Select Credit Card
Payment Amount: The Payment Amount field will default to Form Total which is likely what you want.

Ecrypt Payment Token: The Payment token form field defaults to Select a Field. Please leave that setting in place.

Billing Details: The Billing Information fields are not required for payment. If your form has fields such as an address or email field it will offer to map those to fields that can also be submitted.

If your form accepts both online and offline payments use the Conditional Logic field to indicate which form entries this feed should apply to, like so: (not recommended to beginner users)

When you are done just hit the blue Save Settings button and you are all set. Remember, we always suggest running a credit card through to test that the fees indeed make it to your ECRYPT account. You can always credit back the charge and ensure you've set the form and feeds up correctly before releasing to your members.

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