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Restricting Access to Pages
Restricting Access to Pages
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Member Splash provides the ability to restrict access to pages on your site based on account type and/or payment status. A typical use case is clubs that have swimming only memberships and ones that include tennis privileges. You can use the access controls to limit access to court reservations to your tennis privileged accounts.

Screen Options

When you add or edit a page you can scroll down to the bottom where you will find a section labeled Member Access.

Note: If you don’t see it you may need to enable it by clicking on Screen Options at the top of the page and then checking the box next to Member Access.

Member Access

You will see the Member Access box offers options for restricting content based on payment status and account type. Simply check the box(es) next to each status or type and then click on Save (for a new page) or Update (for an existing page).

No Access Message

If you are restricting access you will also need to fill out the No Access Message box with the message that should be displayed to visitors who try to access content they do not have permission for. Typically you would want to tell members that must they must be logged and and meet specified conditions to view the page content. For a visitor without access permission the No Access Message will be displayed in place of the page content.

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