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How to embed a Gravity Form into a Wordpress page
How to embed a Gravity Form into a Wordpress page
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There are a couple of ways to embed a Gravity Form in a Wordpress page.

Method 1: Add the form within a page

  • Click the 'Add Form' button above the content editor.

  • In the pop up window, select the form you want to embed

  • The form shortcode will be added to the content of your page

  • Save the page and you are done!

Method 2: Add the form within the form edit page 'embed' option

You can also add a form to a page from an option within the form edit page. There is no need leave your form and go to the page at all. There are three options:

Start by going to the form's edit page and click the '</> Embed' button. Which is next to the Live Preview and Save Form buttons.

  • Add to Existing Content - Choose a page that has already been created.

  • Create New - Add a new page.

  • Copy the shortcode - Paste the this shortcode directly into a page of your choice.

    1. Clicking the button will copy the short code that looks like this.

    2. example shortcode: [gravityform id="342" title="true"]

    3. From there you can just drop it on your page as you normally would.

Recommendation: After you save a form to a webpage make sure to visit the page and perform a test submission. Make sure you receive any notifications and confirmations. If not, walk through the set up again.

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