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Add a Gravity Form to a WordPress page
Add a Gravity Form to a WordPress page
Updated over a week ago

1. In the form go to the "</> Embed" button. Which is next to the Live Preview and Save Form buttons.

2. A pop up page will appear with the options to Embed you form in a page or post.

3. The pop up will show you the options of where you can place your page

  • Add to Existing page (please note this is for pages using Block editor). Just select the page and embed the form.

  • Create a new Page

  • Copy the Short Code (for any page)

4 If you are not using Block Editor you just need to get the "shortcode" (in the red box)

5. Clicking the button will copy the short code that looks like this. [gravityform id="342" title="true"]

6. From there you can just drop it on your page as you normally would.

7. Be sure to click the save button and preview your changes.

8. Once you are happy with page, click the update button to publish your new page.
​PLEASE NOTE: If the embed process does not work scroll down to item #4 and follow the directions for copying the short code onto your page.

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