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Use the GravityView plugin with Gravity Forms to streamline data collection, manage submissions, and display form entries on the front-end of websites. You'll find this plugin on the Admin screen, along the left-side menu.

Introduction to GravityKit by GravityView

Step by Step

  1. Identify the Form:

    • Choose a Gravity Form suitable for display in Gravity View.

  2. Access GravityKit in WordPress:

    • Navigate to the WordPress Menu bar.

    • Select "Gravity Kit" > "New View" (next to Forms).

  3. Create New View:

    • Select "New View" and give it a name.

    • Choose the Data Source for the View, typically the entries from your form.

  4. Configure Gravity View:

    • On the back end, the Gravity View interface will show the "Entries Fields" section.

    • Click "Add Table Column" to display all form entries.

    • Select fields to display on the View, ensuring appropriateness for public viewing.

  5. Generate Short Code:

    • Copy the Gravity View Short Code [gravityview id="xxx"] from the view settings.

  6. Embed in Page:

    • Paste the short code into the content area of your webpage.

  7. Preview and Publish:

    • Preview the page for any updates.

    • Once satisfied, publish the page.\

Entries not displaying?

To showcase entries on the 'View,' it is imperative to navigate to the form entries section and approve them. Entries are categorized into three statuses: Approved, Disapproved, and Pending. This system provides you, as the pool administrator, with an opportunity to review entries before they become visible to the entire membership. This feature proves particularly useful when dealing with entries that require prior review.

By default, all entries are initially marked as pending on the form. To transition an entry to the approved status, simply click the 'yellow' pending icon. Once this action is completed, the entries will become visible on the designated view.

Advanced Feature

Gravity View offers an advanced feature that allows entries to be displayed automatically. To enable this option, access the Gravity View you are currently working on and scroll to the bottom of the page. Ensure that you are in the 'View Settings' section. Here, disable the "Show only approved entries" option, granting entries the ability to be displayed without manual approval.

Why would you use this plugin?

Here are some use cases where you might want to use this plugin.

  • You might have a roster of student names for a swimming lesson, and you're looking for a method to share it with the swim coach without granting access to the website's admin area.

  • You could have a volunteer event, and the organizer may require the list of participants who have registered, but you prefer not to grant them access to the website's admin area.

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