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Event Registration Form with Digital Ticketing
Event Registration Form with Digital Ticketing
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Design a paid event registration system for events incorporating a QR code as a ticket. Upon successful payment by the attendee, an email receipt will be automatically generated by the system. This receipt will contain a QR code, serving as the attendee's ticket and access to the event. Additionally, we'll use a form that offers a QR scanning feature integrated with a camera interface. At the event check-in, staff can scan the QR code supplied by the attendee (either from a mobile device or printout) for a single-use ticket confirmation step. Upon an attempt to gain access to the event using a duplicated QR code, a notification will display to the staff indicating the QR code has already been used.

Step 1: Download and Install the Form Template

  • Import the form

    • In your website, go to Forms > Import/Export > Import Forms

    • Choose the file, then Import.

    • The new form(s) will now be listed within your list of forms to use.

Step 2: Configure the 'QR Code: Generate' form and event page

This is the first, out of two forms, that come with the registration system. Review this default form and make adjustments to how your event form should be published.

This form will be used by your event attendees so feel free to make your own custom adjustments to the form and the fields to satisfy your event needs.

  • Configure the QR Code Merge Tag shortcode: Use the [gpqr] shortcode to combine multiple fields or any other data you need in your QR code.

    • Go to the QR Code: Generate Settings > Notifications page

    • Edit the notification called 'Customer Receipt and QR code ticket'

    • After reviewing the settings at the top of the page scroll down to the Message.

    • You can add any merge tag into this shortcode to produce any desired outcome.

    • This shortcode will display in the ticket email receipt as a QR Code for the attendee to use as their ticket at event check-in.

    • The default shortcode combines merge tags into a string which get embedded into a QR Code.

[gpqr]Ticket# {entry_id}: {Billing Email Address:9} paid {Total:3}[/gpqr]

Step 3: Review the 'QR: Ticket Scan' form, limit submissions, and scan page

This is the second, out of two forms, that come with the registration system. There is no need to make any adjustments to this form as it comes configured with a text field that has the Enable QR Code Scanner already selected under the Perks Settings.

This form will be used by your staff to check in your attendees and confirm the QR code tickets at the event.

  • Configure the Limit Submissions Feed:

    • Go to the QR: Ticket Scan Settings > Limit Submissions page

    • Choose Add New feed

      • Limit Feed Name: Your choice

      • Submission Limit: 1

      • Time Period: Your choice

      • Limit Message: "Sorry, this is a duplicate"

      • Rules: Field Value = Ticket scan

      • Save Settings

  • Add the form to a page: When you add the form to a webpage you make it available to your staff to use the form and check in attendees for the event. Use the same resources listed in Step 2, above.

Step 4: Test the registration system

Go through as an attendee, filling out the event registration form, receiving the email with ticket QR code and then as a staff member, scanning the QR code from a mobile device or printout.

First time browser configuration:

Upon clicking the scan icon to the right of the field the first time, you may be asked if your browser can access the camera on the computer, choose "Request Camera Permissions" Then, Allow.

Scanning the QR Code: Position the QR code within the camera's view.

Reading the QR Code: The scanner will read the code and display the value within the text field.

  • Confirm Ticket: Select the Confirm Ticket button and the results will validate the ticket.

A valid ticket will display the Success message. Adjust this message for the QR: Ticket Scan form by going to the Settings > Confirmations > Default Confirmation page.

An invalid or duplicate ticket will display the Error message. Adjust this message for the QR: Ticket Scan form by going to the Settings > Limit Submissions > Limit to 1 page.

Step 5: View the Entries table for the confirmed event roster

All confirmed QR ticket holders will be listed within the Entries table of the QR: Ticket Scan form.


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