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How to create a Lesson Signup Form
How to create a Lesson Signup Form
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Overview & General Updates

The video provides an overview of the Lesson Signup Form, emphasizing the importance of simplicity in form setup and the need for minor updates to accommodate club-specific needs. It also covers the process of testing the form, making modifications, and updating form settings to distinguish it from other lesson forms.

Add the feed

This video explains how to set up an feed for a form, whether it's a new, copied, or downloaded form. It provides step-by-step instructions on creating the feed, setting the transaction type, and saving the settings to activate the feed, as well as the importance of testing the form with a trusted individual and checking transactions in

Add the Limits

This video is about adding limits to a form in two ways: on the entire form or on individual fields. It explains how to set limits, test them, and make sure they are working as intended. The example used is a swim lesson form with limits set for the number of children in each class.

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