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Security Overview
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We ensure your member data and all websites within our entire platform are protected with full SSL encryption and take industry standard security measures. With automatic daily backups and real-time monitoring, you can trust that your information is safe and secure, giving you peace of mind in case of any unexpected data loss.

Data Security and Backups

Is my member data safe with Member Splash?

  1. At Member Splash the security of our customers’ data is our top priority. Recognizing that even the most secure platforms in the world can fall victim to hacks, our first line of defense is to never store sensitive personal information in our system: no social security numbers, ID card scans, credit card numbers, etc.

  2. Online credit card payments are made through a fully PCI compliant system. Card data is entered on your Member Splash site but sent directly, encrypted, to our payment processor who handles the transaction processing.

  3. We follow all the best practice security protocols in terms of our servers and the sites we run on them.

    1. All of our sites are SSL enabled so that any information passed between your members as they browse your site and our servers is fully encrypted.

    2. Admin access to the servers is locked to specific IP addresses and requires the use of secure keys.

    3. A combination of firewalls and geofencing automatically block suspicious activity and prevent any access to the server or sites from certain regions of the world.

  4. We have multiple backup mechanisms in place. Full offsite backups of our databases are made at regular intervals throughout the day. Server level backups (all files, software, settings, etc.) are made weekly allowing for point-in-time recreation in the event of a “force majeure” level event.

  5. Member Splash is also insured for data loss and interruption of service.

Is WordPress vulnerable as a platform for Member Splash?

  1. The key to WordPress security is keeping current with versions and security updates. This is standard practice at Member Splash.

  2. We use a curated set of plugins that we have tested, code reviewed and know to be both well written and continually maintained by their developers.

  3. We employ scanning and logging tools to continuously monitor for malicious code.

  4. We restrict access to any aspect of WordPress that could potentially open the door to a security risk. For example, clubs do not have the ability to add plugins to their sites.


Who hosts my my data?

Member Splash runs on state of the art, dedicated managed cloud servers maintained by Cloudways. They provide 24/7 support and issue response.


What are the security measures for member data during onboarding?

Member Splash uses Google Drive to host all our customer files during onboarding. When you transfer any file to your customer folder, it is stored securely in Google’s world-class data centers and the data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest.

All Google Drive accounts come with built-in security designed to detect and block threats like spam, phishing and malware. Your files and activity are stored using strong industry standards and practices with the ability to restrict sharing to specific people or groups.

Google will also automatically evaluate any files that are shared with us from outside of our organization for phishing or malware. If detected, Google will block access to the file in order to protect all our customer files.

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