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Getting a duplicate email error on new accounts
Getting a duplicate email error on new accounts
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This item impacts both the creation of accounts directly in the Member Splash system and on the Waitlist Form as well.

Network WordPress sites use the email as a unique identifier for all account. Because of this underlying logic no 2 accounts can have the same email address. Where you will see this rule put into place is in when you set up new account for a member that is already a member as a different club with our network. You will get a notification that says, "this email is already in use". To get around this check do 1 of the following:

  1. Use an alternate email address for the member.

  2. Have the member contact their current club and ask for the email address at that club to be changed to a different email or a junk email inserted (just closing the account will not work).

  3. If your member uses a Google email account, there is an alias workaround you can use. Here is how it works: If the member's Google email is [email protected] the has several aliases that are associated with it. As such you can put in the address such as [email protected] and it will send an email to [email protected]. This allows you to bypass the security check and still have Robert get emails from your club.

  4. If your member has no email alternative and can't remember which club they are associated with, we can still help by letting them know the name of the club that has their email on file. Then the member can contact the club directly and proceed with #2 above.

More on Email Aliases:

Creating alias email addresses in Google, Yahoo and Outlook/Hotmail accounts can be an easy and effective way to workaround this issue. Yahoo and Outlook/Hotmail require the email account owner to create their own alias, whereas Google allows anyone to create an alias. We’ve found a few articles with step-by-step instructions that will help your

members create aliases in the email accounts.

Please note that these are workarounds to accommodate the larger WordPress rules. As we grow bigger, we can appreciate the need to accommodate members who have accounts at multiple clubs so it's certainly something that's on our radar.

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