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How to send your Welcome Campaign using Mailchimp
How to send your Welcome Campaign using Mailchimp
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If you are reading this you are just about ready to send out your initial welcome letter to your members. The #1 reason to send this email campaign is to allow your members to access your MemberSplash website. In this email you provide:

  1. Your website login URL

  2. The member unique username and temporary password

  3. Any initial steps you would like your members to complete such as adding member photos, updating account information, and paying!

Step 1: Create a Segment

When sending any email, including your initial email, you'll want to filter for a specific group of members called segments. In the case of your initial welcome letter you might want to consider sending it to the Member Type, Adults within your membership. That means you would be sending the email to both the primary and secondary adults on the account but not to children. Another popular option is sending to the Billing Contact on the account. To understand how to create and use segments read Understanding MemberSplash Segments in Mailchimp to help get you started.

Step 2: Create an Email Template

Step3: Create an Email (Campaign)

Recommended! Make sure that you always test your email before sending to your membership!

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