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How to manage Admin Users
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Admin Users

To allow your team to manage your MemberSplash account, you'll need to create a User account for them.

Add a User

  • Go to ADMIN > Users

  • To add a user go to Users, click Add Users and fill in the needed information.

  • Be sure to select the correct User Role for your new user (staff, manager, board)

  • We require that all Login's be unique, so when entering something like "Treasurer", add the initials of your club to that name ( for example "MSTreasurer" )

Edit a User

  • To edit a user go to Users, click Users you want to change and fill in the needed information just like you would for adding a new user

Admin User Roles

  • Go to ADMIN > Users Roles

Your account comes with three default User Roles that are set up for you during onboarding. Each Role has many preset capabilities and authority. the default user roles are as follows:

  • Board - All capabilities are granted

  • Manager - Front Desk, Point of Sale, Accounts, and Point of Sale Manager

  • Staff - Front Desk and Point of Sale only

They contain all of the capabilities that most accounts need. All Users in the same User Roles have the same access. 'User Roles' can be edited to either increase or decrease the access of everyone in that role. For example you may want to grant all of your Managers access to the payments pages and screens, with Member Splash this is a quick click of a button.

Please review any changes in-depth with your board to make certain that everyone has the correct access and that you are in compliance with your by-laws.

Add a User Role (Premium plans)

These allow the pool admin to add user roles to the system for broader customization. Your pool admin could decide that you need a special role for Swim Coaches, Tennis Staff or a Social Chair.

  • The system presents the User Roles to the left (in this example Board, Manager, Secretary & Staff)

  • To the right the are listed the capabilities that the role can have assigned to it.

  • In the screen shot below the Board Role has default access to all of the capabilities (Accounts, Front Desk, Point of Sale, Media as well as sensitive member data)

  • However In this example the Staff Role has access to ONLY the Front Desk and the Point of Sale

  • Premium Customers have the ability To Add a User Role. Click on the Add ROLE button and type in the name of your new User Role. (in this example Secretary)

  • Click submit and your new User Role is ready. You can begin assigning the Secretary Role all of the capabilities that they need to do their job at your club effectively!

NOTE: For any new role you establish you need to give the role "members splash setting" and "front desk" capabilities in order for them to gain access to the Dashboard.

Delete a User Role (Premium plans)

To Delete a User Role click on the use role you wish to remove and click the Delete Button on the right

  • The system will ask you to confirm

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