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To reach the Account Settings go to Member Splash Settings > Member Splash Settings.

There are 5 tabs in the Member Splash Settings that we will review.

1. General Settings

This tab is used to set the season start and end date. It's also used to direct members and admins to the proper screens upon login.

The begin and end dates generally define the dates you are open for the year & taking payment. The only place these dates impact you is if you have a house guest. These dates determine the begin and end dates that your house guest will be on your members accounts. We suggest that you put in the dates that would apply to house guest entry. DO NOT selects dates that are outside of a calendar year.

2. Account Settings

This tab is used for default settings:

  • password

  • state

  • account type

  • *whether to require emergency contact info

  • show the legacy account number

  • label that field

  • manage the tabs and screens your members see on their account when they log in.

3. Directory Settings

This tab is used to enable the directory. If you want it to be enabled - it will auto fill once payments are made - then click the check box. You can now choose which account types are included in the directory. Check the boxes next to account types that you would like to be included in the directory.

You can also choose which Member Types will be included in the directory. Check the box next to Member Types to be included. Lastly, you can select which member data fields display in the directory as well.

4. Messages

These are all of the default messages for system notifications. If you wish to add your phone numbers or email, this is where you can control the messages.

5. Forms

This is the place where you get to select what your members can do.

All the choices for how you will allow your members to edit their accounts are found here. If you want your members to have access to edit just about anything, you can check every box. Here are the things you can select from.

Recently, we introduced a change that enabled admins to view all the required fields of your members when using the "switch to" feature. While this provided transparency, it created an issue where admins couldn't access a member's invoice to ensure accurate billing. To address this concern, we have now implemented a feature that allows you to toggle the visibility of required fields when using the "switch to" option. You can find this setting in Member Splash Settings/Forms.
  • View Required Field Errors When Switching to an Account

  • Restrict Number of Members Users Can Add by Account Type

  • Allow Users to Edit Members

  • User Selectable Member Types - restricts the member types a member can select

  • Allow Users to Delete Members

  • Allow Users to Change Username

  • Allow Users to Edit Address

  • Allow Users to Change Billing Contact

  • Allow Users to Add Pictures - works independently of the ability to edit

  • Require Billing Contact Email

  • Require Date of Birth

  • Require Picture - based on member type

Forms Special Instructions

More on the Restrict Number of Members Users Can Add by Account Type setting:

Here you can set the limit on the number of people added to your account types. If you put a limit on the account type it will not remove existing members from the account. It only prevents member from adding more members to the account going forward. The pool admins are encouraged to audit existing accounts when a limit is put on and clean up any accounts manually that exceed the new limit.

  • If you DO NOT allow your members to add people to their account select "none".

  • If you do allow your members to add people to the account select how many members they can add.

  • The number selected is the total number of non-House Guest Members allowed on the account.

  • As an Admin, you can always override the limits your members can add to their account. For instance, if you only allow 6 per household, but you want to allow 8 for a particular family, you as an Admin can add those extra members.

More on the Require Photo setting:

Within the settings in the Forms tab, you'll see a setting called Require Picture. If checked this setting will require that all members on an account add a photo to their profiles before they are able to purchase products from the payment screen. In order to fully enable the Require Photo setting, admins must also enable the Allow Users to Edit Members and Allow Users to Add Pictures. Then under the Require Photo setting, select which member types this rule applies to.

Keep in mind, that only your members will see the red requirement fields for missing account requirements UNLESS you’ve turned on the setting for Admins to see the requirements too. To view and test these errors on your members accounts, log in as the member OR turn on the setting in Member Splash Settings/Forms.

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