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Account Notes Screen - Add, Edit, Delete & Bulk Update Account Notes
Account Notes Screen - Add, Edit, Delete & Bulk Update Account Notes
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Account Notes are notes that can be entered into individual member accounts and saved within the account. Account Notes are only visible to users who have the Accounts capability checked within their User Role. The Account capability is generally reserved for Board level users. Unlike check-in notes, Account Notes will not display on the Front Desk Check-In screen. Account Notes are also not visible to members. You can use Account Notes to record information like bond payment date, the date when an account was closed, or even swim lesson certifications for child members. You are able to upload media to account notes and create categories called "Types" to organize your notes.

The Account Notes screen has been updated and moved, you can now find it in the main dashboard under Membership -> Account Notes

The new page has a slightly new layout, but the same functionality as the previous page

Create a Note

To create a note, click on the Create Note button

This will open the Create Note modal

You must add a note title and select an account to attach the note to, but note types are optional

To search for an account, you can either search by name or by account ID

To add a photo or video, click the Add Media button

This opens up the Add Media modal, either drag and drop your media here or click on Select Files

This allows you to search for the image or video you'd like to upload from your computer

Selecting the image will upload it to the media stored on your site

Select what image you'd like to use, and it's now in your note!

Finally, click Add Note to finish creating your note.

How it displays in the data table :

Edit Note

To edit a single note, click on the note for it to expand and click Edit

This will open the same modal as creating a note, but you no longer need to select an account to attach it to as that step has already been handled earlier.

Within this modal, you can edit the note title, note types, and the note itself

Delete Note

To Delete a single note, click the Delete button within the expanded note pannel

a warning will pop up asking you to confirm the delete

Bulk Edit Note Types

To bulk edit note types, select the accounts to edit, click on the Bulk Action selector -> Edit Note Type and then click Start Action.

This will open the Edit Account Type modal, allowing you to select what note type you want to bulk apply or remove from the selected notes.

Note: To remove all note types, leave the field blank the click Confirm Edit

Click Confirm Edit to complete the bulk edit.

Bulk Delete Notes

To bulk delete notes, select the notes you would like to delete, then click on the Bulk Action selector -> Delete and then click Start Action

This will bring up a warning modal with the number of notes that will be deleted. Click Confirm Delete to finish the bulk action.

Search / Filter Notes

Search / Filter Notes

To search for a note use the search field and enter a last name or account number and either push enter or click on the magnifying glass

To filter by note types, click on either Note Title, Acct #, or Last Modified to filter the data table.


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