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How to Close an Account & Closed Accounts
How to Close an Account & Closed Accounts
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How to View Closed Accounts

To view Closed Accounts go to the Dashboard >> Membership >> Accounts

To the right you will see the "show closed accounts" slider. Move the slider to the right to see the closed accounts.

For easy of access, we recommend that you build a filter under Manage Filters that pulls just your Closed accounts.

How to Close an Account

To close an account search for the Account you wish to close:

Then Select the "Close" action.

The system gives you 2 options, 'Close' the account or 'Delete' the account.

Please take note of the actions and select your preference.

The account will be moved to the Closed account type.

How to Reopen a Closed account

Go to the account you want to reopen and assign it a valid account type. Be sure to click the 'update account' button in the lower right hand corner.

Closed Accounts & your Mail Chimp account

When you close an account in Member Splash we update the following in Mail Chimp:

  1. The account contact's account type is set to closed

  2. The Active indicator is set to 0

The systems it does NOT automatically unsubscribe your contacts. Some clubs might still want to stay in contact with people on closed accounts to perhaps market to them to come back. Unsubscribing an account is left up to the member who has closed their account or the Pool Admins.

Once an account is closed the pool admin can:

  1. Change the segments to not include closed accounts

  2. Unsubscribe the closed member or

  3. Archive the closed member

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