Print Mailing Labels
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Mailing Labels are found under the Membership >> Accounts. Then go to the 'Bulk Actions' drop down.

The action you want is "Create Mailing Labels".

1. If you need to print labels for only a small subset of your accounts be sure to use the Manage Filter screens to limit the printing that you need to do. (this example pulls just the Bonded Accounts)

2. Once you have your list Select the top check box to select the 1st 25 records (see the Red Circle). If you want ALL of the records (which is the case most of the time) click on "Select all 28 records"

3. Click on "Create Mailing Labels" and then Click "Start Action"

4. A pop up window will appear with the PDF. From here you can print these labels and distribute to your members. These print well on the Avery 2x4 labels, however you may want to consider a water proof paper.


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