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Point of Sale - How Orders Display & Roll up
Point of Sale - How Orders Display & Roll up
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  1. All POS sales start with an "item" such as an ice cream or a guest pass.

  2. Many "Items" then roll up to a "POS Order" or a "guest pass order"- (Please note an On-account POS 'order' and a 'guest pass order' are not the same as a regular "Member Splash dues payment order", so don't be confused, we will return to this concept shortly.)

  3. Many "On-account POS Orders" can then roll up to a 'Bill' - (Please note a Bill is sometimes call an 'Invoice')

  4. Many Bills can roll up to one "Member Splash Order" (a regular 'order')

To illustrate take a look at this example.

Jane purchased a water and a cheeseburger from the snack shack. These items were placed on POS Order #30.

Later that day she bought a shirt & a pizza for the kids, POS Order #31.

Then the Pools Admin consolidated the orders onto 1 bill, Bill #8 which is for $27.

These 2 'orders' roll up to a 'bill' #8 (the system also calls it an "Invoice" in some places, mainly on the members payment screen so be careful with these terms.

Now when Jane goes to pay for her 1 'Bill', with 2 orders and 4 items, this is what she sees on her Make a Payment screen.

Once she pays this "Order" these transactions appear in the Sales Details reports, however they are split back apart and contain the "order" numbers from the earlier pre-consolidation.

Take a moment to read this a few more times. It’s a complicated process flow but once you get used to it you will be able to see these orders, bills and POS orders clearly.

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