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Orders and Bills Reports - Getting the full picture
Orders and Bills Reports - Getting the full picture
Updated over a week ago

At this time there is not a consolidated place for view and report on all of the Point Of Sale items that flow thru the system. You may want to understand how orders roll up to bills to fully understand this better Point of Sale - How Orders Display & Roll up.

However here is where you can find all this information so it can be pulled together the way you need want it for a full view of your sales.

1. For Paid Bills - Most clubs go to the Sales Details report to pull the "paid" bills from POS:

However that is only for paid bills that were put on account.

2. For Unpaid Bills - Anything that is still outstanding / unpaid will be on Finances>> View Bills. How To View Orders, Create Bills and View Bills in Point of Sale. The unpaid bills will be clearly marked.

3. For Orders that have not yet been consolidated to a bill - You can go to Point of Sale >> View POS Orders. Be sure to fill in the date range that you need to correctly display the transactions.


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