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Point of Sale - Basic Reports
Point of Sale - Basic Reports
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Reports for Point of Sale are on the Dashboard.

From the Dashboard go to Point Of Sale >> View POS Orders, Select the time frame (in this example it is year to date)

1. You can adjust the columns on the report by selecting column button and adding the available columns.

2. You can down load the report by selecting the records you want and clicking the Export button

On the Sales Detail report, Point of Sale items are shown, however they are displayed in the categories that you set up in the POS system. In this example "Food & Beverage." Think of these Categories as Fee Types for your POS products.

TIP: if you need quick access to Transaction Level POS information you may want to give your POS categories a name like 'POS - Food & Drink' or 'POS - Swim Class'. This way you can tell which ones come from your POS system rather than your products.


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