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How To Make a Payment on Your Account (Members View)
How To Make a Payment on Your Account (Members View)
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1. login to your account or if you are a Pool Admins do a "switch to".

2. Once you have logged in you will be in your Account Tab Screen.

In the Account Section:

You can make updates to your account if the pool admin has enabled the editing settings

  • edit all of your account details

  • add new members (if your club allows)

  • delete ones who no longer need to be there (if your club allows)

  • edit your emergency contact info

  • decide if you want to be in the online directory or not

  • check to see if all members of your account are paid

In the Order History Section:

You can:

  • see all your unpaid order history

  • see any open bills that have been pushed to you

In the Payments Section:

You can:

  • Make a Payment on any of the Bills you see in your Unpaid Charges area: The system takes you directly to the payment page.

  • Order History shows both unpaid and paid orders. Unpaid orders will display purchase details.

  • Payment History shows you all the item you have paid for with dates

  • Payment Method contains the credit cards you have put on file

How to Pay Outstanding Bills:

If you want to pay your bill or purchase something new, click on “Payments” > "Make a Payment" on your menu.

This screen should be familiar to everyone since you use it to pay your dues, buy guest credits, pay for parties, etc. What may be unfamiliar to you is the Open Bills area at the top. The "Open Bills" may or may not have a checkbox next to them (pictured here without checkbox). Your Pool Admins can determine if these invoices are mandatory. Anything else you decide to purchase at the time will be tallied with the open charges and paid for at once.

Simply choose credit card to check out and at the next screen enter in your details.

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