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Recording Check Payments
Recording Check Payments
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Recording a check & Pending orders

Once you receive a check from your member, you’ll want to record that check in the customer’s account.

Go to the Finances > Orders Tab.

This will give you a list of all the orders that have been completed through the Member Splash system.

You may search for a specific order, name, account number or legacy account .

You may refine your search by date range, Account type payment method or payment status.

Be sure to click the apply button each time you change your filter.

(Note that you can select and de-select any column available in the filter)

Orders that have been paid by check will display as Pending, in a bright yellow box.

To record a check payment, select the 3 dots to the right of the payment method, which pulls up a pop up menu.

The following popup box will appear: Select record payment.

Add the name on the check & the Check number and hit the submit button

The system checks to be sure you do not record an overpayment.

*If you have a check that is an underpayment you can record the underpayment and follow back up with the member for the remainder, however we recommend that you reject checks that are under paid and require the full amount as tracking is easier.

When completed, the payment status will update to paid and if there is an invoice, the balance will be updated to $0.00

The member’s account will immediately be updated to show as Paid.

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