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Pre-Populate Forms
Pre-Populate Forms
Updated over a week ago

There are a number of form fields you can pre-populate for logged in members by using the option to allow the field to be populated dynamically on the Advanced tab of the field. For each field you want to pre-populate you enter a specific Parameter Name that starts with membersplash.

The available fields are:

  • Account ID: membersplash_acct_id

  • Legacy Account ID: membersplash_legacy_acct_id

  • Account Type: membersplash_acct_type -- Note: returns the name not the id of the account type, ex: returns "Bonded Member" not 17.

  • Username: membersplash_username

  • Street Address: membersplash_street_address

  • City: membersplash_city

  • State: membersplash_state

  • Zip Code: membersplash_zip

  • Billing Member Full Name: membersplash_billing_member_name

  • Billing Member First Name: membersplash_billing_member_first_name

  • Billing Member Last Name: membersplash_billing_member_last_name

  • Billing Member Home Phone: membersplash_billing_member_home_phone

  • Billing Member Cell Phone: membersplash_billing_member_cell_phone

  • Billing Member Email: membersplash_billing_member_email

  • Pay Status: pay_status

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