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Using Conditional Logic in Forms
Using Conditional Logic in Forms
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In this example we will review displaying different options to your members based on selections they make in the form.

If you want to display information when a user chooses member vs non member, that will require conditional logic, which simply means display information if something is true or not.

In this example we'll use member/non member. First set up a radio button field with the two choices:

Now set up a product which will be shown when the choice above is made:

Now click on the Advanced Tab and click on enable conditional logic:

In this case we have said that the product should display if the choice was:

  • member/non member is member

  • session choice is Tuesday

By using conditional logic your forms will be easier for your members to use and allow for the correct pricing to be in place.

Example #2 Selecting to pay by Credit Card or Check

(Please note, we do not recommend accepting payments via check through the forms. The tracking of check payments is a manual process that must be completed by your club.. In addition this is an advanced setup so be sure to fully test any logic you put in place)

1. First add a Radio Button that allows your members to select between Check and Credit card.

be sure to update the field with the appropriate information

2. Then you must go to the credit card field and use the 'conditional logic' on the credit card field. You only want it to display the credit card field if the "condition" on the radio button = Credit card.

3. If a club is allowing check or credit card payments on a form then they HAVE to add conditional logic to the feed. Each feed added to a form just takes the form data and looks to see if there is something it is supposed to do with it. If you add an authnet feed without a condition then it will try to submit the entry for processing. And if the member picked check as the payment method there is no cc info. so the feed fails.

4. "Conditional Logic" can be tricky, so Be sure to fully test your conditions to be sure they work for any selection.


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