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Reservations - Programs and Events Menu
Reservations - Programs and Events Menu
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Programs & Events

Creating a program or event makes a time slot temporarily unavailable for guests to book. To create one, go to Reservations -> Programs & Events


In this next screen, you will see a list of all of your events. You can sort by Facility Group, Date or the Event Name.

To add an Event Click on the Add Event button in blue.

Here is where you name your event, add a description, and pick a Schedule. You are able to set repeat days if you have an event that follows a certain schedule, as well as setting a Start and End Date.

You can also add this even to your Events calendar so it will appear where your members can see it.

NOTE: If no End Date is added it will create the event every day indefinitely. Creating an event will delete any existing reservations at that time

When you have everything set the way you expect, click the Create button. You will see your new event listed. Should you need to edit, close or delte the event it will be under the 3 dots (the hamburger menu)

When a member goes to book at that specific time slot, they will see it blocked out. The member can click on the details and see the description that you placed on the event to get further information.

The member also see the event on your events calendar.

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