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Reservations - Members Canceling & Modifying (Members View)
Reservations - Members Canceling & Modifying (Members View)
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Managing, Editing & Cancelling Reservations

Members can Make and Manage their reservations via the My Reservations tab on the manage account screen where they can view all of their past and upcoming reservations and can edit or cancel any upcoming ones.

Make a Reservation

Under reservations go to Make Reservation

The list of Group Facilities is in the left hand corner (in this example we will be using Lap Lanes)

The date of the reservation is to the right.

The list of Detailed Facilities (in this case the 3 lap lanes) is listed in the main body of the page.

Select the lane you want and the timeframe you will be in the lane.

Select the person who will be swimming. The member can also add the name of a guest/s in this modal. Members enter the name of the guest in the field below and then hit the 'Enter' key to add the guest to their reservation.

And be sure to click "BOOK IT"


Manage your Reservations

Go to the Reservations>> My Reservations Drop Down.

Reservations that have already concluded are hidden by default but can be displayed by toggling the Show Past button.

The cancel button cancels the entire reservation and prompts the member to confirm that they really want to do that:

The Manage button allows them to add or remove members and guests from an existing reservations. It adheres to the rules set up for the facility so members will only be able to add people to a reservation if there are spaces available, that member is currently paid and they have not exceeded any defined daily reservation limits.

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