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How do I sign in to my Member Splash account?
How do I sign in to my Member Splash account?
Updated over a week ago

The Login page

  • Visit your Member Splash account site and look for the Manage Account tab within the menu. If you still cannot find the login page, you can typically find the Manage Account login page at

  • Premium: In addition to the menu, quite often, you will find a Login link at the top, right-hand corner of the secondary menu bar.

Forgot Password?

  • For Admins - During the onboarding process, your onboarding specialist gave your team a Client Credentials Google Doc containing login credentials for each of our standard admin users: board, manager, and staff. These credentials may have been updated since launching your Member Splash site. First, please take a look at your credential sheet for username and passwords.

  • For Members - If you need to reset the password, you can do so by clicking the word 'here,' where you see 'Retrieve User Name or Password. Click Here.'

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