About Front Desk Settings
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This section determines who is allowed to be checked in to the front desk and make reservations. There are seasonal members who may not be allowed in until August or Waitlist, etc. You want to decide who the front desk can admit and check those:

1. Front Desk Settings Tab

If you have seasonal members, make sure to note somewhere to come back and recheck this so they are added in at the appropriate time.

NOTE: The 'Choose which account types are allowed to check in' also impacts the ability for admins and members to make reservations. In order for admins to make reservations for members, or for members to make their own reservations their account type must be selected in this setting.

NOTE: Exclude Unpaid Setting: We recommend that clubs do not exclude unpaid accounts from the checkin screen search results. If this setting is enabled, unpaid members will not be displayed on the checkin screen. If this setting is disabled, unpaid members will display on the checkin screen and front desk staff will know that they are not allowed to enter the pool while their account is in unpaid status.

Also, if unpaid members are excluded from the checkin screen, they are also excluded from the Point of Sale > New Order screen. Members will only display on the New Order screen if they are paid.

2. ID Card Settings

If you decide to print out scan cards for members this is where you set the name of the club to print on them:

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