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How to Grant MemberSplash Support Access to Your Club Staff
How to Grant MemberSplash Support Access to Your Club Staff

How to give Support access to your Staff and allow them to Submit a Ticket to Membersplash Support

Updated over a week ago

Support for Membersplash is accessed through your websites dashboard by logging in and clicking on the blue 'Need a Hand Button' in the bottom right-hand corner the page. It looks like this πŸ‘‰ Click here to skip to the steps.

Enable Membersplash Support

Enabling the Support Option will allow any users with the role you define to open a ticket with Membersplash Support.

Steps to Give your Admins / Staff Access to Membersplash Support

First, you will need to be logged in with a user that is able to edit the roles of other users.

Step 1: From the Membersplash dashboard, click on Admin > User Roles:

Step 2: Create a New Role or Select an Existing Role from the list to edit it's capabilities.

Step 3. Click on the Desired Role you wish to edit in order to Select it.

The name of the Role at the Top of the Page should change indicating which Role you've selected for editing, example:

Step 4. With the desired role selected, Scroll down the page until you see the Support option:

Step 5. Check or uncheck the box to either allow or disallow access to Membersplash Support for users with the currently selected user role πŸ‘‡

  • Blue Check in the box means the user CAN access Membersplash Support.

  • No check in the box, means the user CANNOT access Membersplash Support.

That's it! Once you've checked the box, any users with the selected Role should now be able to see the blue 'Need a Hand' button and Submit a Ticket to Membersplash Support after refreshing the page.

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